Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 years or Life??

Say a 15 year old boy stole a CD from a store. What should his punishment be? Juvenile detention and community service - or something, right?

What if a 15 year old boy beat a baby to death? What should his punishment be?
Doesn't look like much.

My thought is that stealing something is probably to prove he can do it or because he's trying to be cool.
Beating a baby is something that is extremely wrong and he's knowingly doing it. Definitely a severe punishment is needed. If he's trying to be an adult and 'take care of' a baby - then he should be punished as an adult when he kills the baby.
Serious punishment - not this 5 year crap.


BrittbeeLynn said...

Or maybe we could consider a mental institution? It's not normal for a child to kill a baby...

Ader Family said...

Perhaps - but I wouldn't exactly call him a child either. He's made some choices that definitely categorize him as older than a child.