Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alone time gives to more Thought time

I went from living in 'Grand Central Station' to being by myself for what feels like all day. Okay - there is some interaction at work, but mainly I feel like I work by myself....
I guess it's not a bad thing, but it definitely gives me more time to think. The work situation is the same as it was in Raleigh, although I knew I would be going home to lots of people so I would usually think about the evening plans and such. But being here in Virginia - I have no evening plans except with myself. And it's great to have 'me' time, but it's unusual. It definitely makes me think of more things to blog or talk about. Although most of the things on my mind lately are not public blog worthy. Bit too personal for this sort of blog.

And I guess all this alone time will let me catch up on scrapbooks, journals, writing to my missionaries, etc. But who wants to do that?? I'd rather be out playing... or maybe not.

There's not anyone to play with except my room-mate. And we are going to play on the weekends - everywhere but in Raleigh (at least for the majority of the time).

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