Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Snow for Stephanie

That's right. No snow for me.
There was a dusting yesterday when I woke up and it flurried for a bit in the morning. But by lunch, it was not only done snowing, but the little we had melted away.
Why is it that when I want snow somewhere, it doesn't come until I leave?? It even happened in Idaho. We were in a drought while we were there (the later years) and then as soon as we move to Tennessee, they get DUMPED on. Sheesh... Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to be stuck in a dry land all the time.
I love rain, and I want it to rain more. But when I'm gone is when it rains. Same with snow...

I guess I'm meant to live in a desert for the rest of my life... Arizona/Texas/New Mexico - here I come!!

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