Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm not that random - but here's 6 things...

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1. I have an addiction - boys. I like to flirt with them, talk to them, be around them, spend time with them. Some call it boy crazy... and I'd probably have to agree. But this is something that probably won't change for quite sometime.

2. I don't usually like watching TV without having something to do - something to keep my hands busy so I am not just sitting there. Although there are times when I just want to sit and do nothing but watch TV.

3. I've tried Pro-Activ and used it religiously - and it totally doesn't work.

4. For as many guys as I've kissed (I won't give you the number, but it's more than my hands and feet can count), I've only had one real boyfriend. Some have had a hard time believing that, but it's true.

5. I apparently collect dresses/skirts. I have enough to wear one everyday for an entire month (perhaps more) but I only wear them on Sundays. Perhaps I'll wear more this summer...

6. I dream every nite. Sometimes they are realistic, sometimes they are not. But there's almost never a nite without some sort of dream.

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