Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People are Strange

This is a very steretypical thing to say - but construction workers are stupid. Not trying to offend anyone who is, cuz technically I work for a construction company as well. But sometimes I just want to smack them and ask if they are serious?? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I guess that goes for most people - not just the type I work with.

Plus - they are strange...

"God is really going to bless you because you are so good. You're just a great person. He's going to give you the best boyfriend ever."

Is a boyfriend a blessing now??
Well - how unblessed I've been then. I must try harder to be a better person because apparently I'm not quite to that 'best boyfriend ever' category of good.

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ReL said...

WHAT?!?! lol you must tell me this story at lunch today!