Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Advice that goes with everything

I was talking to some friends the other nite - and they were giving me advice. They said it's the only thing they could suggest and it may not be something I'd want to hear. But the funny thing is - I would've said the same thing if someone had been talking to me about it.
Sometimes the only advice that can be given is something you already know, but need to hear it from someone else. And sometimes it's not the things you want to hear, but need to hear it anyway.
Honestly - this advice could be used for any and almost all things in life. Whether it's deciding the job, where to live, who to marry, what to do - all you need to remember to do is:

Read scriptures
Get a blessing

And then eventually you should get an answer. Or something.

Another amazingly good suggestion is to have a pros and cons list, qualifications list, wants vs needs list or any other list that compares the things you are conflicted about.
So right now I need to work on my pros/cons list. I have a qualification list, that will only get longer. But for the current dilemma, it's definitely a pros and cons needed kind of list.
The hardest part about it is staying unbiased and realistic. I tend to bring in the silly things that aren't needed or are unnecessary when I'm writing pros and cons. I need to remember the important stuff - the stuff that truly matters.
And I'm off to list and compare my life away...

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