Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Water is Life

For some reason there's something about the waves, the sand, the sun, and the smell of that island sunscreen that just makes me happy. It makes me smile and relax.

I have always wanted to live on the beach. I love that I live close enough to take a day trip. I wouldn't mind living closer, but it tends to get pricey on living situations.

This weekend I also realized that I enjoy lakes as well. I wasn't at a lake, but I thought about times I was. I like being able to swim, dive, and be in the calm water playing around. Lakes usually have trees and other pretty surroundings. It's easier to swim and dive in a lake.

But oceans are exciting. They have more to offer, you always have to be ready for the next wave, and it's beautiful!

The question is: Do I live near the beach, or near the lakes? Which one do I like more?
(I really need to try smiling more in pictures.)

1 comment:

Southard Family said...

I personally prefer the lake... but, your call...