Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sometimes the grass is greener...

and sometimes it's just spray paint.

I try not to post blogs when I'm emotional, stressed, or have a lot on my mind because then it tends to come out in the post and is out there for all to see. And most of the time it's not something the world should know.

But recently I was let go from my job. Friday -29th- was my last day. I was with the company for 3+ years, which is the most I've ever worked for a company. It was great and I loved working with them. I actually stayed with the job for so long because I liked the company and how things were. Even though it's strange not having a job, and the job hunt isn't what I want to be doing, I am glad that I've been put into a situation where I have to make choices and changes.

Now decision making isn't my best ability - it actually scares the crap out of me - but this non-employment is actually forcing me to figure out the next step. And while I'm trying to figure out what that is, I've been looking at all options.
I'm young, I'm single, and I've got experience with things that could land me a good job. Or I could go back to school. Or I could do both. I could go anywhere and do anything. That's the hard part.

So now I have to decide if it's the grass I have here that I want, or the grass over there that I want.....?

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Alice Wills Gold said...

I remember when one time I was trying to decide if I should live in California or go back to Utah...I had vowed that I would never go back, but life was making me wonder if I should.

I prayed and pondered and felt more confused every day. My bishop encouraged me to fast about it.

In Relief Society that day, there was this quote for Brigham Young that stated that if we are unsure what God would have us do, we should move forward with what we think is the best decision and then he would stop us in our tracks if it was wrong.

I look back now and realize that in the eternal scheme of things it probably did not matter if I lived in Utah or CA for those two years before my mission, and that is why the Lord never fully answered. It was up to me to choose my path.

Good luck!

And go on a mission! :)