Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camera Ready

I almost always have my camera with me, but not necessarily in hand.
But I think I should always have it available and handy while I'm driving. Not only would I have been able to capture a picture of the stow-away, but I would've also got the deer on camera that crossed the road in front of me this morning. It was really nice.

But having my camera with me at all times allowed me to take a picture of the view out my office window yesterday.... Yes there are bars on the window - but we work in the ghetto. Ha-ha.

Looked like we were underwater there was so much rain pouring down.
I love storms. I love rain. I really love warm rain. I want to play it in more often. But lately it's been a bit chilly.
I did however go to the driving range last Friday - and it rained. We kept getting under shelter, until we were wet and we decided to just continue playing in the rain.... Oh - I love RAIN!!!

1 comment:

ReL said...

I can't wait for some warm rain cause I wanna go play in it but this freezing cold rain just hurts! LOL