Monday, May 4, 2009


Very rarely do I have to wait for the train near my house while it goes by. But I was lucky this time that I did.

So I pulled up to the guards and stopped. Along comes the train.

And with it - a passenger.

He threw up the peace sign - a big grin - and was on his way again.

I smiled and waved.

He was wearing a 'wife-beater' and an island-ish looking beanie hat. He was definitely not a worker. I have always heard about people getting a 'free' ride on the train from place to place - but I have never actually seen anyone. That was GREAT!! Just made me laugh that I got to actually see someone in the act.

That almost makes me want to become a vagabond and hitch a ride on the next train to wherever.... It's a thought.


ReL said...

LOL. I didn't think people still did past the 1960's. Awesome.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I have always wanted to jump and ride on a train....I think it would be such an adventure...I would have to get on when the train was at a complete stop though...too scared of my legs getting chopped off.

What a fun that.

ReL said...

ps- I love your new layout...I tried to comment on the post you made about it but it's no longer there :-(