Monday, May 18, 2009

The Color Green

I have recently decided that I really like the color green. It's the color of many things - and it's a great color.
For instance - I was driving the other day and realized that all the trees and grass were becoming a beautiful green again. And not the same color green, but a variety of greens that all blended so nicely together.
Or how about the color of eyes. I have seen some amazing green eyes. Some have a little bit of blue - but the green is just so pretty.
There's green in candy, money, dirty water, clothes, jewels, etc. And although there are very many shades of green, I like them. I don't like some of them as much as others (not a huge fan of sage, unless with a pretty accent color).
I don't like to choose favorites of anything - I would end up changing my mind anyway. But I would have to say that green is one of the more liked than other colors.

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