Thursday, May 14, 2009


I want to be reckless.
Rash, heedless, incautious, negligent, imprudent.

I want to just take off and not think about it.
I would love to just quit, take some time off, visit friends, play with my family, and then find another job.
I want to just do something on a whim instead of thinking, analyzing, and over-thinking it again.
I want to make a decision that will change everything about my life - but not be so overly worried about whether it's good or bad.

I want to just do whatever comes to mind. Do whatever I feel like doing. Go wherever I feel like going.
Why does money have to be a factor in it? I know people that don't even think about it. They just live life and even though they are broke, they don't think about that and still do whatever/whenever they want. How can they? I don't have much debt - car, recent wisdom teeth removal, and that's pretty much it. So what am I so worried about?? I guess I just don't want to get in over my head....

Although sometimes it would be SO nice to not even think about it and just act, do, play and live with a bit of irrational, reckless behavior.


Southard Family said...

i guess now is the time to do it. hehehe

Laura said...

pretty interesting post Steph! look at what you have done already. how much you have ventured out on your own! if you want to do more than go for it!!! have fun now! you can go explore different things and come back to tell us all about your adventures :-)