Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You know you have a boring job when . . .

You blog at least one post per day (sometimes more).
You are logged onto facebook all day, hoping someone fun will get online to talk to.
You check and re-check your e-mail, hoping for something.
You go through blogs of every person you know, looking for an update.
You search random pictures online to put on your post.
You text stupid conversations, just to have someone to talk to.
You are almost counting the minutes until your day is over.
You almost start talking to yourself.
You think up choreography to the songs you listen to.
You don't really have anything to do, so you re-organize everything - again.
You dream of anything, everything else to do besides sit at your desk.
You relook at all your pictures online.
You look at apartments in major cities - just for the heck of it.
You wander around outside for a bit, only to come back in and still have nothing to do.

My job used to be busy and exciting. What happened? Oh - that's right, the Economy apparently sucks right now. BLAH!

1 comment:

Katy Beth said...

I agree! So glad someone else knows how it is!