Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traffic Rants

I always have something to complain about when it comes to traffic. There are times when I'm just fine with traffic and other drivers. But then there are times I have some serious road rage and I just want to run people off the road. I have yet to do so - although it's been so very tempting.
Now I only get road rage when it comes to stupid drivers. I don't just drive with a lot of rage because I'm an angry person. I get rage when I drive when I am around crazy, stupid, obnoxious other drivers.
For example:
I'm at a light in the middle right turning lane. Both me and the person next to me go at the same time, but they just choose whatever lane they want - which happens to be MINE! And if not for me swerving out of the way as they take over where I just was - there would've been quite an accident. It has happened to me at the same intersection at least twice.
Or the more common of someone pulling out of the parking lot in front of me, even though there's no one behind me and I'm sure they can tell I'm going fast (I'm almost always over the speed limit). The worst part is when they don't push the gas pedal. I pull out in front of people - but I also gun it so they don't even have to practically stop to avoid hitting me - like I have to do with others.
Or how about the sitting at a green light? Green means GO. Do we need to go back to primary school to learn things?
I think that if a car cannot get to the speed limit by two blocks down the road, that the driver either needs to relearn the gas pedal or the car needs to be replaced. Good heavens! The gas pedal is meant to be pushed. Go the speed limit.
Or what about the idiot when on snowy roads (not that there's a lot of snow) who drives in the wrong lane because there happens to be less snow in that lane, but then has to veer quickly back into his lane when a car comes? Um... did you miss that the roads are slick and snow covered? Maybe you should just stay in your lane, even if it does have more snow.
And what about those mini-vans?? You would think that since most people who drive mini-vans (not all because I was stuck with a mini-van rental once) would be more cautious because they tend to have precious, young cargo in the vehicle. But I've almost been run off the road more than once by a mini-van. Or cut off, or pulled in front of me, or was just plain tunnel vision and didn't see me.
Seriously people?? I am in a red car. Not a tiny vehicle, not a gray or easily blendable colored vehicle. It's a RED sedan. How do you not see me?
Do I have a giant sign on my car that says, "Drive like an idiot around me." Or maybe, "Run me over, please!"
I have decided that I am no longer going to save other drivers. I'm not going to be the one to swerve and make things safe. If you're going to pull into my lane and be within feet of hitting me, well - you just might hit me now.
Please just drive smart and then I won't get so upset. And if we are around each other on the road - please see me and be smart.

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