Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raincoat Dilemma

I have been in need/want of a raincoat for a few years. It's not always cold rain, but who wants to be wet all day just from running to and from your car?
So I looked at a store that I usually find is right on the Bullseye *hint* with cute clothes. Or at least I think they have some cute clothes, accessories and such. But I don't always like to spend that kind of money. Thus I looked at the raincoats, but couldn't quite get myself to purchase one.
While in Utah visiting a good friend of mine, we went thrift-store shopping, just to see what we could find. And by this time I had kind of given up looking for a rain-coat. But what did we find? A very cute black and white polka-dot raincoat that has stripes on the other side (it's reversable, but i like the polka dots outside better). Luckily enough, it was only $5!!
I'm not big into buying 2nd hand clothes - call me a snob if you want - but I think it's a childhood aversion to such. I have, however, slowly gotten out of that and am willing to at least look. And I'm glad I did.
A brand-new raincoat for $20+ or a just-as-cute-almost-new raincoat for $5? I think we all can figure out the math on this one.
(I am my own photographer. It gets old, but when you need a picture, you're always there.)


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Yeah budddy! I am so not a clothes snob but that's because I am far too cheap. I love it.