Friday, March 5, 2010


I am a firm believer that the sun is an anti-depressant.
I'll be honest - I've been down in the dumps, depressed, angry and extremely unhappy lately. I hate to admit it cuz I've never been like that before. But I really was (and still am now and then).
But the sun is shining!! And the day is wonderful!!
There are probably a few factors that led to the happy day, but most definitely the sunshine. I walked out of class yesterday and it was warm and sunny. And my mood went from 'whatever' to 'happy' and it stayed all day.
It's amazing what some sunshine can do.
So I also am a firm believer in living somewhere tropical and warm all the time. Thus I am looking into becoming a cabana girl on the beach where the sun shines more often than not and it doesn't get below 65 degrees all year long.
Any suggestions on the destination?

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ReL said...

I'll run away with you to Hawaii! My supervisor has a piece of land out there...I'll bet she'd let us make "rent to own" payments on it!!!