Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't make me vomit....

Sometimes people just really make me sick. In many ways, but at this moment I am going to rant about displays of relationships.
Maybe I'm jaded and annoyed because I am not, nor have I really, nor is it looking promising that I will ever have a relationship. But I don't think I would be anything like these situations.
We don't care what amazing thing you're doing with your boy/girl friend this weekend.
We don't care whether he/she had a great time with the family - they're already friends so of course they'll enjoy each other.
We don't want to see every other picture of the two of you kissing or looking as though you are now joined at the hip.
We don't care to see every time you comment on how much you love them. Hello - love them without displaying it all over his/her wall every day....sometimes more than once.
We're so glad you care about each other, truly we are. Being happily 'in love' is fantastic - but please don't do it so much that you're making us all sick..... sheesh!!
(I don't mind all that often when people show how they feel about their significant other. It's just been certain people that cannot seem to comment about anything BUT their significant other. There's more to life than just that person. And I don't particularly care about the details of every move....Thanks anyway.)

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WOW. that's all i've got... just WOW