Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes, I'm female. Yes, you're male.

But why does that mean that we can't be friends?
I am so sick of girlfriends being stupid and telling guys that they can't be friends with me because I'm a girl. I know how to be friends without it interfering with your relationship.
He and I have always been platonic - never even any snuggling - and then you tell him he can't be friends with me. What is THAT about??
This isn't the first time.
And what is up with the guy not having the balls enough to tell her he will stay friends because I've been around longer than her? Apparently the guys I'm friends with who give into their girls a bit too much need to stand up for themselves.
Or maybe the friendship wasn't quite as awesome as I thought it was. Either way - Girls quit telling your guys to stop being friends with females. If you are that insecure and afraid something will happen, maybe he isn't the guy for you. I mean. . . Really!?!?!

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Ko said...

Those are not true friendships between a guy and a girl. Sadly true ideal friendship doesn't exist or is very rare.

I agree with you though and only in ideal friendships, a guy will keep the same level of true friendship with a girl (female friend) while also spending good amount of time and showing affection to his girlfriend.

Most of the times (or 99%-ish of the times), the guys or girls give in to their partner's opinions to stop being friends with the opposite gender friends because like you said, they are weak to stand up for themselves and they are being overwhelm by the desires/appetative :(

The word love is getting cheaper these days and the word friendship or "true friendship" is right behind it too. What a sad world.

Nice blog and good reasoning. I came across through it through your Facebook profile's link, through a friend. I know complicated haha :/

ReL said...

I know we already talked about this but it's so stupid. It makes no sense at all because he's still friends with me and I'm a least last time I checked I was. If that's changed I'd better update Nate so he can dump me and find himself a female to date.

I know I had my little jealous BLAH about that chick and Nate but I never once told him not to be friends with her. Just like if he ever told me to stop being friends with a guy I'd have to laugh a little.

I can understand if you were an ex and it made her uncomfortable that you two were friends...but you're just his friend and she's just insecure and the fact that he's letting her decide who his friends can and can't be tell you what kind of relationship they two of them will have. FUN! :-P