Saturday, May 1, 2010

What took so long?

I understand that with the weather changes, people's moods change.
But WHY can't we all have fun and do things in the winter too?? I would be totally okay with driving in the snow, being out in the cold.
I really don't like that the only way to add color to the bleak and dreary ugliness of winter is slitting my wrists of complete and total boredom/depression/etc.
Now that it's spring, everyone seems to be out more, doing more things, and having fun. What was wrong with a couple months ago? Couldn't we have done it then too??
I guess I can't complain, it's Spring and people are going out. So I'll just have to try and keep them from being hermits next winter.

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ReL said...

LOL! sheesh Steph don't go gettin all suicidal on me!